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Music for events, conventions, marriage, aperitif. Torino, Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta. Professional music band, musicians  

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Events Project Band - Musica per eventi
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The project was born from a collaboration of well-known professional musical performers to provide support for different types of events with live music , ranging from jazz to soul to funk -dance .

The versatility of these musicians makes it possible to move to different genres in a phased manner to bring the evening from a soft and elegant aperitif to the lively after dinner. But they could provide even theme nights on one of the particular kind of music, preferring situations where smooth jazz and soul allow you to accompany refined environments (higher end hotels , trendy bars , convention, meeting, etc.).
The repertoire ensures the execution of songs now considered standard, often reinterpreted to make the musical accompaniment more uniform and pleasant, and integrating the best possible in the context of the moment:
That's Life, Canterbury island, Night and day , Round midnight , Just the way you are , Groove me, September , Good times , Lady Marmolade and many others.

The team of musicians is formed by good professional performer that has worked with international artists as well.

The collaboration with the Bioritmo Studio allows you to have, if necessary, additional services such as audio service (if not provided by the customer ), but also additional services such as photos and video productions, graphics for banners, menus, booklets, place cards, posters, to provide a complete service and with the advantage of a single reference group that ensures a great success of the event.



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Cel.: 340.86.38.096

Web: www.musicapereventi.eu

E-mail: info@musicapereventi.eu

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Via Castelgomberto 125/8 10137 - TORINO
c/o Bioritmo studio

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